This section is where you can disable share counts, social networks, and set a minimum share count.

Share Counts - With this feature, you can enable or disable the social share and bookmark counts. In order for Grow to count any social shares of your post, you need to be running either Grow Social or Grow Social Pro. Otherwise, the Grow widget will only show the saves of the post via the Grow widget.

Share counts enabled:

Share counts disabled:

Minimum Global Share Count - This setting allows you to display bookmarks and share counts only if the total share count is higher than this value. For an example, if you set the value to 20, share counts will only display once they reach 20 or higher.

Enable Social Networks - This setting allows you to enable and disable specific social networks. When you click on the share icon in the Grow widget, those social share networks will then show at the bottom:

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