You won't want to skip this section! These are some great features to enhance your Spotlight Subscribe widget.

To find these settings, go to your Mediavine Dashboard > Grow (BETA) > Spotlight Subscribe. Scroll to the bottom of that section until you see 'Advanced:'

Click the arrow to view the below settings:

Subscribe Name Field: While this isn't required, it gives your readers the option to input their name when subscribing.

Require Name: This requires your reader to input their first name before subscribing to your newsletter.

If you decide to add a Name field, they’ll be available in both Zapier and the CSV download to include in your subscriber list for more personalized greetings.

Allow Default Widget: This setting helps with the use of Multiple Widgets. It allows your default widget to show along with this widget. Therefore, you will have two Subscribe widgets on one page.

Languages: Click the 'Edit Languages' button to see these options:

From here, you can add new languages, and edit the title, subtext, and button text of your Spotlight Subscribe widget.

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