What is Grow?

Grow is Mediavine's engagement suite of tools that allows you to take back your relationship with your readers and invite them to engage with your site, all while also consenting to personalized advertising.

Current Features Include

  • 🔖 FAVORITES - Readers can save, bookmark, and share your posts AND posts from any other site also using Grow. A single-sign-on makes creating an account so simple!

  • 🔦 SPOTLIGHT SUBSCRIBE - A beautiful (and fast!) email opt in that lets you grow your subscriber list without ruining user experience.

  • 🍰 RECIPE AND HOW-TO CARD INTEGRATION - Your readers can save your recipe or tutorial as a favorite right from the card.

  • 💡RECOMMENDED CONTENT - Turn one pageview into two with recommended content that's smart. Recommendations are tailored to your reader and learn over time.

We are always developing new features so that Grow can help you grow.

(Interested in beta testing new features? Learn more HERE)

You mentioned consenting to personalized advertising - what's that mean? Why should I care?

Personalized ads = $$$

When you are running display ads on your site, making it easy for advertisers to know they are spending ad dollars on the right reader is where your payday comes from. Currently, third-party cookies are how advertisers know how to spend, but because privacy on the web is so important, Google is doing away with third-party cookies in 2023.

Without those third-party cookies 🍪, personalized ads = $$$ goes right out the window.

Grow is the solution!!!

Every time a reader signs up with Grow, whether it's to save a favorite or to sign up for your email list, you are collecting their consent to serve personalized ads.

BONUS: First-party data (what you are using when you collect consent) actually monetizes at a higher rate than those third-party cookies that are going away.

2023 is a long way off - why should I worry about this now?

  1. Third-party cookies are already a thing of the past in Safari on Mac and iOS devices. When your readers sign up with Grow you can earn up to 60% more with that authenticated traffic today.

  2. You don't want to wait. Heading into 2023 without a list of engaged and authenticated readers leaves your money in limbo. Ensure the continued growth of your ad revenue and your business with this suite of free tools.

Ready to get started?

Learn how to set up Grow HERE.

For Grow support you can email grow.me@mediavine.com.

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