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Grow Labs - Be Part of On-Going Testing!
Grow Labs - Be Part of On-Going Testing!

What is Grow Labs, what does it do, how does it help? We’ll answer all those questions here!

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What is Grow Labs?

Grow Labs is a setting in your Grow dashboard that allows you to participate in future A/B tests for different features of Grow.

You can find this setting in your Dashboard > Grow (BETA) > General:

What’s an A/B Test?

An A/B test is where there are two variations of a feature shown to visitors and it’s split amongst traffic.

For example, say we run an A/B test for 30% of traffic:

  • 15% will see version A of the test

  • 15% sees version B of the test

Version A refers to the ‘control' or the current version of the feature. Version B refers to the test or the new version of the feature.

An example of a previous A/B test would be when we tested different versions of the Grow widget:

Will I know what test will be running?

Not really - unless you catch it out in the wild!

Enabling Grow Labs allows the development team to push out tests more quickly and allows us the ability to test different recommendations/settings for Grow.

All these tests are done in the name of gathering that first-party data, which means more $$ in your pockets.

OK - Great! Why Should I Turn It On?

Running these types of tests allows the Grow development team to make data-driven decisions about new features for Grow.

We’ll analyze the results of the test and ask questions such as:

Did we see more subscribers?

Did we see more sign-ups for Grow?

If the answer is yes, that’s what we want to know so we can deploy changes or recommendations to our Grow users.

Are you excited to participate in shaping the future of the web? If YES, enable Grow Labs today.

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