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Fix broken links in the Mediavine dashboard
Fix broken links in the Mediavine dashboard

Are the top pages in your dashboard appending your url onto the end? Find the fix here!

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Written by Heather Tullos
Updated over a week ago

If you are seeing your dashboard top pages section appending your base URL to the end of the link, you have your analytics configured incorrectly. 

Thankfully, the fix is very simple. 

Just login to your Analytics and go to your "View Settings". 

Look for the Default Page section, and remove your URL from that field. 

Once you have done that, check your dashboard 1-2 days later.

After the change has been in effect for a full day, narrow down your dashboard dates to show only the previous day (e.g. 1/2/21 to 1/2/21). You should see that the URLs have been updated for the time since the change. Making this change won't affect the history of your data in your dashboard, but will update your URLs moving forward. 

If your site's URL is appending BEFORE the post link or if you have questions, you can contact us via the blue help bubble in the lower right corner of your screen, or at

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