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Grow Best Practices and Recommendations
Grow Best Practices and Recommendations

Our best suggestions so that you can maximize the impact of Grow on your site.

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You’ve enabled Grow- Yay! Now what?

We’ve put together Mediavine’s recommendations and best practices for you to ensure Grow is set up for optimal, well, growth!

Turn On Spotlight Subscribe

Spotlight Subscribe is a fast, beautiful, lightweight way to grow your email subscriber list.

This easy opt-in will keep your readers coming back AND will prompt them to create a Grow account where it’s easy to save favorites with a single-sign-on.

Customize Grow to Match your Brand

If you'd like the aesthetics of the Grow widget to match the branding on your site, you can easily adjust the colors in your dashboard settings.

Enable Recommended Content

Recommended Content is designed to entice readers to stay on your page longer and interact more with your site.

Grow offers a variety of Recommended Content placement options - inline with your content, in the sidebar, underneath the header on desktop (header carousel), and What’s Next which is offered on mobile.

To start, we would highly recommend enabling the Inline option, as that’s the placement we’ve seen have the most engagement!

Some housekeeping items and FAQs:

Be Part of Grow Labs

Grow Labs is a setting in your Grow dashboard that allows you to participate in future A/B tests for features of Grow. Running these types of tests allows the Grow development team to make data-driven decisions about new features for Grow.

You won’t necessarily know when tests are running, but you might catch one out in the wild!


As always, contact with feedback, questions, or concerns!

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