Spotlight Subscribe helps you to Grow your email list in a fast, user-friendly way.

Once you have it enabled and have started to collect email addresses, you'll need to upload them to your Email Service Provider (ESP).

Here's how it works

When a reader enters their email and hits the "Subscribe" button, they will be added to a CSV file that you can access in your dashboard by navigating to Settings > Grow (Beta) > Spotlight Subscribe. Here you will see a button that says "Download CSV."

Once you click this, it will automatically download the CSV file to your computer.

You can then upload the .csv to your ESP, such as ConvertKit or Mailchimp.

Look for an option to import or add subscribers.

PLEASE NOTE: This .csv will only contain your newest subscribers since your last download.

Check back periodically to see if you've acquired new subscribers.

You can see your last download date and time, the total subscriber count (all the subscribers since enabling the Spotlight Subscribe Widget), and your New Subscribers.

The new subscriber number will match with how many emails appear on the .csv.

Looking for a more automated approach? Learn how to connect Grow with your ESP with our Zapier integration HERE.

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