When a user subscribes to your email list via Spotlight Subscribe, they will then see a success message that displays.

If the reader is not logged into Grow

They will see the success message with another call-to-action sign up for a Grow Account. The call-to-action will appear on page-load, but does not appear again once a user navigates to another post on your site.

This Call to Action (CTA) exists to prompt readers to login to Grow, or to create an account. This helps the site owner gain authenticated traffic and acquire permission to collect the first-party data needed to serve personalized ads and increase revenue.

Clicking "Continue" brings readers to a sign up page that gives readers more context about what Grow can be used for.

If the reader selects "I already have an account" they land on this login page.

PRO TIP: Add your branding to the login page with our Co-Branded Sign Up Feature

Readers will also receive an email after they subscribe inviting them to create a account Grow in order to increase your authenticated traffic.

If the reader IS logged in to Grow

The experience is a little different for a reader that already has a Grow account and is logged in. This user will only see a "Subscribe" button:

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