Will my reader still see the prompt if they are already logged into Grow?

No. Your content will automatically be unlocked since they already have an account.

What happens if I don't add an image to the widget?

If you don't have an image, that's okay! The widget will display a solid color, taken from your icon color in your dashboard. If you decide to add an image, it will be blurred behind the lock.

If I lock a post, what happens to my Mediavine ads?

Ads will display after the content is unlocked by your reader.

Are there Google Events with Exclusive Content?

There are!

  • locked_content_sign_up_click - The sign up button on the locked content widget is clicked.

  • locked_content_unlocked - The locked content is unlocked because the reader has signed in.

Don't have Grow set up in Google Analytics yet? Check out this help article to get started!

How can I download my Exclusive Content Subscribers if I'm not using Zapier?

If not using Zapier, in order to download the subscribers from Exclusive Content you'll need to download the CSV found under the Spotlight Subscribe settings

Note: If you aren't running Spotlight Subscribe (you should!) you can still view and download the CSV file found under the Spotlight Subscribe settings.

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