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Migrating to Grow Publisher Portal
Migrating to Grow Publisher Portal

Step by step on how to migrate your current Mediavine Grow settings to Grow Publisher Portal

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These steps are for Mediavine Publishers who are looking to move their Grow settings over to the new Grow Publisher Portal! πŸ₯³

First, let's see if you currently have a Grow Reader account:

Head to


If you have an account, navigate to the Account tab and note the email you are using there:

If you do not have an account, create one! When creating the account, use the email address that is associated with your Mediavine account for ease.

Next, confirm that your email addresses match:

Open your Mediavine dashboard. Go to Settings > Users and be sure that the email address associated with your Grow user account is also an Admin in your Mediavine dashboard.

Now, let's migrate from the dashboard to the Grow Publisher Portal!

Navigate to the Grow tab within your Mediavine Dashboard, and you'll be greeted with this screen:


From here, you'll want to log in with your current Grow Reader Account. This is the account we just mentioned above, or had you create:


After clicking the "Log In" button, you'll have the option to switch accounts. This shouldn't be necessary, but you will want to double-check that this email address is same the email address associated with your Grow account.

Then, click "Link My Account":


You'll then be taken to a screen that will allow you to Grant Permission:

And finally, use the checkboxes presented on your screen to choose which site(s) import to your Grow portal:


And that's it! Your Mediavine Grow Account will now be accessible in the Grow Publisher Portal. Make sure to bookmark the Grow Publisher Portal for easy access!

Note: You do NOT need to manually place the Grow script on your site. Grow will continue to run via Mediavine's script wrapper. Once you've gone through the migration flow, you are all set!

If you have multiple Mediavine Sites, here are some key things to know:

  • Keep in mind that only the sites that have Grow enabled will show in the import list.

  • If you have a Mediavine site that isn't running Grow (why not!?), you will need to go into your Mediavine Dashboard and enable Grow. You'll then see the notice to convert to Grow Publisher Portal.

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