We are happy to introduce the Grow Publisher Portal to all Mediavine Publishers! You can now migrate your current Grow settings over to the new portal in a few easy steps.

With the Grow Publisher Portal, you’ll have access to all the same Grow settings as in the Mediavine Dashboard AND you’ll be able to use new Grow features as they are released.

Going forward, all new features will be released through the Grow Publisher Portal. In order to stay up to date with all the incredible features coming out with Grow, switch to the Grow Publisher Portal today!

Steps on moving Grow from the Mediavine Dashboard to Grow Publisher Portal:

Visit the Grow tab in the Mediavine Dashboard:

You'll want to log in with your current Grow Reader Account, or create a new account if you haven't done so already.

IMPORTANT: If you've already signed up for a Grow reader account and/or you have added Grow to another site via Grow Publisher Portal and you want ALL your sites under Grow one account, you'll want to use the same login when migrating your Mediavine site to Grow Publisher Portal.

Once logged in, you can read over the amazing benefits of switching to the Grow Publisher Portal:

Then, you can click "Link My Account":

You'll be taken to a screen that will allow you to Grant Permission:

That's it! Your Mediavine Grow Account will now be accessible in the Grow Publisher Portal. Make sure to bookmark the Grow Publisher Portal for easy access!

Note: You do NOT need to manually place the Grow script on your site. Grow will continue to run via Mediavine's script wrapper. Once you've gone through the migration flow, you are all set!

If you have multiple Mediavine Sites, here are some key things to know!

  • When you initiate the import from one site, you will be able to import all of your Mediavine sites that have Grow enabled with one easy click.

  • Keep in mind that only the sites that have Grow enabled will show in this import list.

  • If you have a Mediavine site that isn't running Grow (why not!?), you will need to go into your Mediavine Dashboard and enable Grow. You'll then see the notice to convert to Grow Publisher Portal.

    For more information about the Grow Publisher Portal, please visit our help center.

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