Note: This feature is currently in beta. If you're interested in becoming a beta tester, email us at!

Pop Up Subscribe is a more prominent opt-in experience for that calls readers to sign up for your newsletter while also prompting them to create a Grow account. It will run alongside Spotlight Subscribe for a higher rate of conversion.

The Benefits

  • Grow your email list faster with a more prominent call-to-action.

  • Creating a Grow account allows readers to save favorites and bookmarks with a single-sign-on. It also collects the necessary consent required to authenticate traffic which gives us access to the first-party data needed in order to serve personalized ads (which increases your $$$).

How to Enable Pop Up Subscribe

Since this feature is in beta, you can simply email and the Grow Team will get you started.

Key items to keep in mind while this feature is in beta

  • As part of this beta, we will be testing various trigger options for when Pop Up Subscribe displays to determine the best options for conversion on both desktop and mobile. This means that the what (and the where) that prompts Pop Up Subscribe to display may change daily.

  • Pop Up Subscribe will be an additional subscribe form in your post. The Spotlight Subscribe widget will still display in-content, but won't have the "spotlight" feature applied.

  • More customizations will be coming, but for now, Pop Up Subscribe will use your default widget language. (Check the Subscribe Widget section of your Grow (BETA) settings if you want to confirm or edit your current language)

  • If you have already transitioned your site(s) to Grow Publisher Portal, and you'd like to test Pop Up Subscribe on that site(s), let us know and we can enable the option.

  • If you wish to no longer be part of the beta send us an email.

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