By default, the Mediavine script will load the Universal Video Player on your category pages. If you'd prefer for the Universal Player not to load on any category pages. and if you have the ability to edit the HTML of these pages, you can follow the below simple steps to block it!

For WordPress Sites

1. Head over to your dashboard, go to Settings -> Disable Ads, toggle the Universal Player Desktop and Universal Player Mobile to "Disable", and copy the generated code at the bottom of the page.

2. While logged into your WordPress dashboard, navigate to a category page and click "Edit Page".

3. At the bottom of the category page, add a Custom HTML widget block and paste in the blocklist code from the dashboard.

4. Click "Save", clear any caching, and you're done! The Universal Player should no longer load on the category page and you can apply this blocklist code to as many category pages as you'd like.

For Non-WordPress Sites

If you're not on WordPress, you can still block the Universal Player with the same above method as long as you're able to edit the HTML of your category pages. You would simply copy the same code from the dashboard, and then paste it into the category page's HTML.

What If I Can't Edit The HTML of Category Pages?

If you're unable to edit the HTML of your category pages (whether you're on WordPress or a Non-WordPress site), please email so we can help you block the Universal Video Player on our end!

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