We've partnered with ZergNet, creators of one of the largest content-recommendation engines on the Internet, to power our traffic exchange. The Widget we're offering is going to be a hybrid of both a paid / sponsored widget and a traffic exchange widget.

What does the widget look like?

The widget will look like many of the "Around The Web" widgets or similar to related posts widgets you may already be running. The difference is these ZergNet widgets will be recommending content from Mediavine publishers and sponsored content from outside of Mediavine. 

On desktop, ZergNet will appear in two rows of either 3 or 4 recommendations, depending on content length. One row will be sponsored, while the other will be the Mediavine traffic exchange. On mobile, the ads will instead appear as a single recommendation per row. 

What is a Traffic Exchange?

A traffic exchange is where you send a unique visitor from your site to another site and they send one back in return. e.g. Site A sends a visitor to site B ... and Site B, in turn, sends a visitor back to Site A. With our ZergNet traffic exchange, your site will receive credits for each link in the traffic exchange widget that one of your users clicks on. You then receive a new user back in exchange; ZergNet tracks and ensures that you will receive an equal number of inbound links.

How much will I make off the Sponsored Content?

Sponsors will be paying per click and those clicks range from between $0.03 to $0.10 or more. So if your widget is seeing at least a 1% CTR, you will be making between $0.30 - $1.00 CPM off the unit. If that doesn't sound impressive, the good news is this widget runs below your content, outside of where our highly-viewable ads run, so it should not be in competition for ad space with your display ads. This should be a nice boost to your RPM while also increasing your traffic. Some sites can see much higher CTRs, and thus CPMs, based on your audience and placement of the widget.

What will the Sponsored Content be?

All content will be endemic to your site's content. That means the sponsored content will be in the same theme / category as your site. If you run a food blog, you will only display sponsored food content. If you're in the Women's Lifestyle space, you'll get other Women's Lifestyle content, and so on.

Why is there a sponsored component?

Building and hosting a traffic exchange can be expensive. Rather than paying for this technology to be built, we've partnered with one of the biggest names in the space. As a result, we're all being paid to run one thanks to the sponsored component.

What if I don't like the placement of my widget?

We default the ZergNet widget to below your article content because that's the preferred ZergNet placement. The closer you can get the content to where your user is engaged and will see it, the better it will perform. Please work with us to make sure you're optimizing your CTR because that will lead to higher CPMs and more traffic coming your way. Email us at publishers@mediavine.com with any change requests.

What is the Revenue Share?

Like any partners that we're not directly trafficking and managing in our ad server, ZergNet earnings will be paid to you at a 80 / 20 revenue share. All numbers you see in the dashboard are your earnings after the revenue share.

How do I opt in and out?

You can turn the unit on and off anytime you'd like in the "Ad Settings" tab of your site.

How do I customize how this unit appears so it matches my site?

You can do that by altering the CSS. We have a basic template for this here

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