GumGum In-Image Ads

Supplement your ad income by incorporating ads on your images

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In addition to your main ad setup, you also have the option to run optional ad units. One of those is the in-image ad by GumGum.

What do GumGum in-image ads look like?

In image ads are small banner ads at the bottom of your images. You can view them in action in the GumGum Gallery, but here's an example: 

How do I activate GumGum on my site?

It's easy. In your dashboard, go to Settings > Ad Settings > Optional Ad Units

Can I make any customizations? 

Yes! GumGum allows several customizations on a per-site basis, such as adjusting the frequency of in-image ads, deactivating in-image units that expand, AKA "canvas" units, or blocking a particular ad from that site. 

If you'd like to make any of these adjustments, email and we'll work with GumGum personally to make the change. 

Can I remove GumGum ads on certain images?

Yes! You can use a bit of code to disable GumGum on a particular image. (For example, if GumGum was showing over a logo image.) 

Can I remove GumGum ads from a certain page on my site? 

Absolutely! We give you controls right in your dashboard to make ad blocking easy. Make sure to select "In-Image" when you are setting up the embed code to place in your blog post. 

You can also email, and we'll be happy to help you put a block in place on certain pages. 

What if I see an ad I don't like?

To report a GumGum ad, please take a screenshot of the ad, and right click on the ad to copy the URL where the ad leads. Email those details and the screenshot to, and we'll report it to GumGum.


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