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Disable GumGum ads with image classes
Disable GumGum ads with image classes

Use this easy trick to remove GumGum in-image ads from certain images and photos

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Do you love GumGum in-image ads but would rather some images be ad-free? 

You got it! 

We agree, it's totally confusing to have these ads overlay certain image files, like logos, images with lots of text, buttons, branded content, pictures in your sidebar, etc.!

Luckily, we have an easy fix for disabling GumGum in-image ads on a single image.

Meet ggnoads

This little code snippet is your new best friend if you wish to remove an in-image ad on a certain image. 

GumGum will not serve an ad on any image with a source code containing the phrase "ggnoads" in it. There are a few ways to use this phrase. You can follow these instructions from GumGum, or use these instructions: 

1. Rename your image.

The easiest way to do this is to rename your image file to contain ggnoads before you upload it, such as "cookies-ggnoads.jpg." 

Once uploaded, the source code might look something like this:

<img src="">

2. Add an image class.

If you already uploaded your file and don't wish to rename it, you can instead add in an image class to the HTML of your blog post, like this:

<img src="" class="ggnoads">

That's it! You can use either of these methods to disable GumGum ads on a single image. 


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