What is Mediavine?

Who we are and what we do.

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First, we want to make one thing clear. We’re not an “ad network.” 

We’ve learned that in this industry that’s a very loose term being thrown around. Generally, they’re just run as black holes where all you know is someone is putting ads on your site and sending you a check. 

What you often don’t realize is how little they’re doing and how little value they’re bringing as middlemen to middlemen. In fact, we’d argue most of them are actually destroying value by taking your quality website and lowering the value of your ad placements.

What we’re doing is trying to offer full-service ad representation. We want to help you represent your advertising inventory in the best way, to the best advertisers, to make the best money for you.

We’re going to do this by managing your ad server, helping you optimize placements of ads,  putting in better price controls, removing middlemen, and working directly with advertisers on your behalf.

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