The biggest difference you’re going to notice is you’re not running traditional ad tags with Mediavine. 

You’re running a single script. 

That’s because as part of that full service advertising representation, we’re not just running the ad server and ad deals, we’re also optimizing ad placements. 

How well your ads perform (think about all those metrics you’ve heard about over the years — viewability, CTRs, etc.) is how well you’re going to do. That, and we’re selling deals across our sites so we need consistency.

With each site, we start out with our standard ad placements, which we’ve decided on based on several years of research and testing, both in the industry and our own experiences. Our goal is to trial each placement to see what makes you the most money while still providing a great user experience and meshing well with your site’s design. 

We’ll always work with you until you’re happy with an ad placement or remove it if we can’t make it work.

The 4 standard ad placements are:

  1. In-content ads
  2. Adhesion Ads
  3. Top Sidebar Ad
  4. Stick Sidebar Ad

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