When any publisher chooses to earn via display advertising, there has to be a balance between user experience, advertiser demands and publisher’s revenue

Our goal is to find that perfect sweet spot between all three.

Back in the olden days of advertising, it made sense to have placements here, placements there, PLACEMENTS EVERYWHERE! Times have changed though, and not only are users more sensitive to advertising, but advertisers are able to monitor whether or not placements are seen by a user or not. 

Obviously ads that are seen are worth more than ads that are not seen, so here at Mediavine we focus on units that we’ve tried and tested over years and years, and know are going to be placements that have excellent viewability that yield high-paying CPM's. 

The Result? Every Ad Space Earns you More. 

Let's look at the positions we run. 

  • JUST TWO sidebar ads, the second of which is a "sticky" ad which means it stays in view as the reader scrolls and refreshes after 30 seconds for a reader that is still with you. 

  • In-Content Ads on desktop, tablet and mobile

  • An adhesion unit on desktop, tablet, and mobile

  • A Recipe card ad 

In addition to running just 5 standard placements, Mediavine Lazy Loads ads which puts a premium on site speed, reader experience, viewability, AND earnings. 

We do offer other optional placements

The right balance for every site is different! So we have a whole host of other units that you can opt in to for additional ways to earn. 

  • Video

Our unified Mediavine Video Player offers the ability to monetize video on both mobile and desktop. This also includes a variety of video options including autoplay, optimized placement, and more.

  • Chicory

An optional unit you can enable if you are running a recipe card ad on your site. 

  • GumGum In-Image Ads

Supplement your ad income by incorporating ads on your images.

  • Zergnet

A traffic exchange widget that is the only Mediavine offering that is PPC (pay-per-click). Half of the units are paid and the other half is a traffic exchange with other Mediavine publishers in your niche. 

Not sure which options are the right fit? You can always reach out to publishers@mediavine.com for help. 

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