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What is a Traffic Assignment Letter (TAL)?
What is a Traffic Assignment Letter (TAL)?

Understanding aggregation and e TALs in easier terms.

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Mediavine's Terms of Service include 'Aggregation'

Our terms include a specific paragraph titled Aggregation that is as follows:

Aggregation. For the duration of this Agreement, Publisher authorizes Mediavine to aggregate the Publisher’s website traffic under Mediavine through third-party reporting services such as comScore, QuantCast, or an equivalent thereof. Publisher must execute documents necessary for such aggregation. Failure to do so may result in immediate termination of this Agreement and Your participation in the Program.

What does 'aggregation' mean to publishers?

Advertising partners rely on third-party services such as comScore or QuantCast to decide how to spend on web properties. At Mediavine, instead of publishers appearing as individual properties to those advertisers (because even the largest properties are very small in terms of the web, and even in terms of overall traffic here at Mediavine) we aggregate the traffic and appear as a package deal on those evaluation websites.

This benefits Mediavine publishers as a whole because together we are in the Top 20 and consistently have high traffic quality. Large amounts of high quality traffic is what advertisers are looking for when evaluating how to spend.

Your site is more visible to advertisers which helps our stellar sales team secure even better deals for everyone in the Mediavine publisher community, adding to your own bottom line. Traffic Assignment Letters (TALs) make this possible.

The Terms

This paragraph in our terms of service specifically means that you will sign a Traffic Assignment Letter (TAL) so that your site's traffic is aggregated with all of the other properties at Mediavine. This does not mean we own the traffic. It just gives us permission to sell it as part of Mediavine.

It's important to note that you can only assign your traffic to one place at a time.

comScore should not be assigned to any other entities or third parties because Mediavine is representing you exclusively.

TALs are meant to garner better display ad deals, not sponsored work. If a network is not representing your display advertising, they should not be asking for your TAL.

Traffic Assignment Letter (TAL) FAQ

When will I receive the request to sign?

Typically you will receive the TAL electronically within about a week of your site being live with Mediavine.

What is a Traffic Assignment Letter (TAL)?

A Traffic Assignment Letter (TAL) is a document that assigns your traffic over to our network so we are able to garner the best deals for the Mediavine publisher community, including you!

Is signing the TAL mandatory?

Yes. Signing a TAL that assigns your site's traffic to Mediavine (while we are working together) is required in our Terms of Service.

A TAL is really only good for one thing — display advertising sales. If traffic is assigned to someone that isn't managing your display advertising, that entity is effectively using your data and site clout to garner advertising money for themselves, with no benefit to you.

How do we use the TAL?

Mediavine uses the TAL assignment to go out and make the best deals with our advertising partners on behalf of the entire network, and that directly benefits you.

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