So, we put this super crazy technical paragraph in the contract:

“During the term, Publisher authorizes Company to aggregate the Property's traffic under Company's name through third party reporting services such as comScore, QuantCast, etc. Publisher will execute any additional documents required.”


It sounds scary. It’s not. 

Ad partners use these sites like comScore and QuantCast to decide if a property (i.e. your website) is worth advertising on. Because we’re setting Mediavine up differently — selling all our sites together as a package deal, rather than each individual publisher being evaluated by themselves — we need to look like a package deal on those evaluation websites. 

This paragraph means you’ll help us make sure that we list your site with our sites (and other sites within the Mediavine ad group), on the evaluation websites together, as one cohesive unit. We don’t own your site, in any way shape or form.

It’s also important to note you can only assign your traffic to one place. We may need you to sign paperwork or send emails to networks to confirm you’re under us. This also means you should not be signing any deals in which you assign your ComScore, etc. to other third parties.

Trust us, there’s a lot of value in these numbers (it’s why advertising networks merge all the time) and sometimes, networks will try to trick you into getting it for free, by offering sponsored work if you sign it over, or similar. 

Please do not buy into this idea. TALs are meant to garner better display ad deals, not sponsored work. If a network is not representing your display advertising, they should not be asking for your TAL.

We’re going to need this traffic assignment from you in order to land the big ad deals so please make sure you don’t assign this anywhere else.

The request will come from Mediavine, and we'll send the contract via email. 


Within about a week of joining Mediavine, we'll send you a request to sign a TAL over to us.

What is it?

The traffic assignment letter is a document that assigns your ComScore traffic over to our network so we are able to garner better deals for all of Mediavine, together. 

Is this mandatory?

Technically, as part of your contract, yes, it is mandatory. 

A TAL is really only good for one thing — advertising sales. If you have it assigned to someone that isn't doing your advertising, they're using your data and site clout to garner advertising money for themselves, with no benefit to you. They may claim that sponsored work comes into play, and it may, marginally, but this is really all about display advertising.

If you have issues with regards to signing this because of a previous relationship that holds it, please contact so we can discuss.

How do we use this?

Mediavine uses the TAL assignment to go out and make better deals with our advertising partners on behalf of the entire network, and that will directly benefit you. 

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