How long am I locked in for?

Contract lengths and terms.

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Initially? 90 days. 

After that, the contract will extend every 30 days, automatically. 

If either side wishes to terminate, written notice (i.e. email) must be given 30 days in advance of the auto-extension date. 

Basically we just want a month-to-month partnership, but we need that initial 90 days to make sure you’re fully optimized.

We’re not in the business of making you be our partner for a year if you don’t want to be - but we’re really hoping this is a long-lasting venture that both of us will love.

We ask for that initial 90 day period because that’s about how long it takes for us to get your site approved with all of our partners and to start getting advertisements optimized for your site. 

We’d really hate for you to judge our performance on just the initial month, because sometimes it takes that long for a single silly, slow moving ad partner to realize you’ve gone live under our umbrella, no matter how we beat it over their heads, and then suddenly, boom, all the money.

After that if you’re ever unhappy, this will be the easiest contract you ever had to get out of. A simple email, wait 30 days, and remove our script. That’s it.

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