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Troubleshooting why GA4 data is not being sent to your Mediavine dashboard
Troubleshooting why GA4 data is not being sent to your Mediavine dashboard

Follow these steps to ensure that your GA4 property is connecting to the Mediavine dashboard

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With Google transitioning away from Universal Analytics to GA4, you likely had to make changes in your Google Analytics dashboard to get this set up.

The most common way for Mediavine publishers to have set up GA4 was to use the existing Universal Analytics tag on the site.

If you set up GA4 on your site using your previously existing Universal Analytics tag, DO NOT REMOVE THE UA TAG FROM YOUR SITE. Removing this code will effectively remove GA4 as well.

If you had to create a separate GA4 property from your Universal Analytics or if you had to create a GA4 property specifically dedicated to reporting in an eastern timezone, you may have run into an issue where GA4 data isn't being pulled into our dashboard.

The most common reason for this happening is that even though you created the GA4 property and connected it to our dashboard, the code for this GA4 property isn't on your site collecting analytics.

Follow these three steps to resolve this issue

1. Ensure your GA4 property is fully set up in your Google Analytics dashboard

Go to the admin section of your GA dashboard, look under the Property column, and be sure to select the same property you connected to our dashboard. Then select "Setup Assistant":

Then check the status of your GA4 data stream under the "Data Collection" section:

You should expect to see a status that says "Data Not Flowing" or "Not Started" since this would confirm why GA4 data isn't being passed to our dashboard. However, if the status says "Data Flowing", check your property list to make sure you are looking at the GA4 property that you originally connected in our dashboard settings.

2. Ensure your GA4 property's data stream has been set up

If the status says "Data Not Flowing" or "Not Started", click on the arrow next to the Data Collection status. On the Data Streams page, click on the arrow next to your data stream.

Note: if you don't see this screen and instead you see a screen asking you to select a platform, that means you need to set up a data stream. Just select Web, enter your domain and site name and click "Create stream"

3. Follow instructions to add this GA4 property's code to your site

Next, you have to look at the recommended instructions on how to add this GA4 property to your site. This is a crucial step since this is how the GA4 property collects data. Click "View tag instructions" and Google will give you a couple options on how to get the code added to your site. If you're at all unsure on which approach is best, click on "Install manually" and copy the script into the head of your site:

Once the code has been added to your site, allow for up to 24 hours for data to come into your Mediavine dashboard.

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