What does Mediavine need to know?

Most of what we need to know is asked in this form. High level details include:

  • Information on the new owner.
  • Date of transfer from your hands to the new owner's.


DO NOT SHARE YOUR DASHBOARD LOGIN INFORMATION UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Your dashboard includes information about your bank account and your tax information in the payment portal. You should NEVER share your login. 

What is Mediavine's policy regarding ad revenue, anniversary date and loyalty bonus?

Ad Revenue: Ad revenue earned under the current owner's dashboard will be paid to the current owner. The new owner's revenue will start accumulating under the new dashboard as soon as the transfer is complete.
Anniversary Date: We will keep the same anniversary date from when the site originally joined Mediavine, as long as service is not interrupted. Consider it incentive for the new owner to keep us as their ad management provider.

Will I still be able to see my dashboard data?

Once your site is sold and the dashboard is deactivated, you'll have limited access to the information in the dashboard. 

What will you need from the new owner?

The new owner will need to have a new contract signed, a successful AdExchange application, and will need to complete the necessary setup steps before we can launch ads under the new owner's umbrella.

What if the new owner decides they want to use someone else for their ads?

Mediavine requires written notice, as stipulated in your contract, and ads need to remain in place for 30 days from that notice. If the ads do not remain in place for 30 days, you may forfeit any unpaid earnings.

Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing publishers@mediavine.com.

Buying a site with Mediavine ads?

Hooray! We're excited to have you joining us here. The original owner of the site must fill out the google form linked above to begin the transfer process. The transfer process can take 3-5 business days to complete, depending on how responsive all parties are to emails and requests for additional information. 

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