In the event that you sell your site, we can certainly keep running ads for the new owner. We just need the proper paperwork on file, and know the details of the agreement, in order to make this as seamless as possible.

What does Mediavine need to know?

Most of what we need to know is asked in this form. High level details include:

  • Information on the new owner.
  • Date of transfer from your hands to the new owner's.
  • What you've decided between you regarding ad revenue. Some sellers include the known ad revenue as part of the sale price, to be paid to the new owner. Other transactions may entail the seller being paid until the sale date before switching revenue to the buyer. Either way, we need to know the terms you've agreed upon (this includes the Loyalty Bonus).
  • Any other pertinent details regarding ad revenue.


Mediavine can only pay out full months, so if your site sale is complete part-way through the month, please make sure the details of how the partial month's earnings are getting to you, as Mediavine cannot prorate and split between two parties.

What is Mediavine's policy regarding ad revenue, anniversary date and loyalty bonus?

Ad Revenue: As stipulated above, let us know what you have agreed upon regarding revenue owed up to the date of sale, and we'll make it happen.
Anniversary Date: We will keep the same anniversary date from when the site originally joined Mediavine, as long as service is not interrupted. Consider it incentive for the new owner to keep us as their ad management provider.
Loyalty Bonus Payout: Loyalty bonus is rolled into your normal rev share and earnings, so this cannot be split from that. Loyalty bonus will be paid out along with earnings.
Revenue Share: The site's revenue share is based on total number of ad impressions for the past 30 days. This does not change with ownership change.

Will I still be able to see my dashboard data?

Our preferred process is to create a new user for the new owner, and give them access to data from the date of sale forward, which means you would only have data from the date of sale backwards. If your sale is contingent upon a different arrangement, let us know.

What will you need from the new owner?

We will need a new contract signed, but will waive the initial 90-day term and consider the buyer to be on a rolling 30-day contract as you are at present.

What if the new owner decides they want to use someone else for their ads?

Mediavine requires written notice, as stipulated in your contract, and ads need to remain in place for 30 days from that notice. 

Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing

Buying a site with Mediavine ads?

Hooray! We're excited to have you joining us here. If you haven't been in touch with our team yet, please reach out to or click the chat bubble in the bottom right corner. You should also check out our getting started guide

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