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PubNation offers enterprise-level full service exclusive ad management for sites specializing in gaming, sports, tech, entertainment and news.

What to expect during the onboarding process with PubNation

We aim to make the transition to PubNation by Mediavine as smooth as possible. Our team of experts is here to help every step of the way.

STEP 1 - Dashboard set up and approvals

Our Support Engineers will set up your new dashboard, which includes the script wrapper that will need to be installed on your site. We'll provide you with a few lines that need to be added to your ads.txt file to obtain approvals with Google's MCM Ad Manager.

Once those two items are taken care of, we'll submit your site to Google for approval - this approval typically takes 3-5 business days.

STEP 2 - Targeting placements

When the MCM approval in place, our team of Support Engineers will target ad placements on your site via CSS selectors in our admin.

If a staging script is needed this is also where that will be provided so that engineers can adjust placements, allowing you to preview ads on your site. Staging is not required but is available as needed. Support Engineers will work with you to resolve any technical conflicts, and will tend to any compatibility details to ensure performance.

At this time we will also schedule a launch date and time for your site to go live.

STEP 3 - Site prep

We'll send over a short list of site prep items to complete. This includes things like filling out your Privacy Policy information, Payment details, and connecting analytics to our Dashboard for reporting.

STEP 4 - Launch

Site prep items should be completed prior to the scheduled launch date.

At the agreed upon time (and not before! We want to ensure minimal lapse in advertising on your site.) you will need to remove your current ads. We'll activate ads on our end, and then our team will begin the process of reviewing placements and making any necessary adjustments.

STEP 5 - Account Management

After launch and review with Support Engineers, we'll connect you to your Account Management Team. They will monitor performance and reach out with details and suggestions as we pull more data in so that we can continue to optimize to help you meed your performance and revenue goals.

You can always reach your Account Management Team for assistance by emailing help@pubnation.com.

Welcome to PubNation!

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