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How to find popular posts from specific countries in GA4
How to find popular posts from specific countries in GA4

Are you looking for trending content in a specific country? Or are you trying to increase your US audience? Learn how analytics can help.

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If you are trying to increase traffic from a certain region in order to zero in on trends, target new terms, or increase RPM, this article is a good place to start. The most common request we see related to region-specific audiences is from publishers that are looking for ways to increase US traffic. But depending on your content and overall strategy, these steps can be pretty universally applied.

Why increase US traffic?

If you are a current Mediavine publisher, one quick look at the Countries breakdown in your Dashboard will show you the difference in advertiser spend in the US compared to other places in the world.

This difference in advertiser spend is for many reasons -- most are tied directly to the specific region's economy, and how brands and businesses in that region use their advertising budgets.

Higher CPMs paired with the right number of impressions means higher revenue, and higher revenue means an overall higher RPM.

Where to look in GA4 for posts trending from specific countries

In your GA4 dashboard, click Reports Snapshot in the upper lefthand corner.

Scroll down to Users by Country. (This may be a bit different if you have customized this report; these instructions are based on the default setup and configuration in GA4.

Click View countries in the bottom right corner. Then in the table, to the right of Country, there is a plus sign that will open this drop down menu. Select Page / screen and then Landing page + query string.

This will give you a list of posts based on country of origin.

From there you can look at the search terms related to those posts in Search Console or your other keyword research tools to look for related searches or terms that you can create content around.

If the traffic from the region you are looking to increase is primarily social, once you know the posts that are popular, you can use your analytics for that platform to replicate that success.

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