Ad Block Recovery

Recover ad revenue from browsers with blocked ads

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Mediavine publishers can now utilize Ad Block Recovery to recover lost revenue from ad blockers. If you have a large base of readers that are proficient in technology you also probably have a large base of readers that are using an ad block solution.

When enabled, Ad Block Recovery can serve Acceptable Ads to readers even though they’re using an ad blocker. Readers must be using an Acceptable Ads-supported ad blocker, and be opted into Acceptable Ads to be served.

How to Enable Ad Block Recovery

Visit your Optional Ad Units section in your dashboard under Settings > Ad Settings to enable. Make sure to SAVE!

What does reporting look like?

Ad Block Recovery reporting has its own dedicated section in your dashboard to show you how much revenue you've recovered using it. This revenue is added to each day's earnings, it is not paid out separately.

Ad Block Recovery charges a 19% fee, so if an ad block recovered impression happens, you earn a dollar as a result. Ad Block Recovery has a fee of $0.19 for recovering that impression that would have otherwise been worth $0.


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