Why does Mediavine display a logo in my footer?

In the past, all publishers were required to display the Mediavine logo as part of ComScore and the Traffic Assignment Letter (TAL). ComScore recently lifted that requirement, so it is now optional.

I want to keep the logo, but can I change the category?

When you launch your site with us, we choose the category that most closely matches your niche. However, we can change it if another category would be a better fit. Just email publishers@mediavine.com.

  • Mediavine Food

  • Mediavine Home

  • Mediavine Travel

  • Mediavine Finance

  • Mediavine Parenting

Can I change the design?

We designed the branding to match the color and fonts of each site, but you are free to switch it up if you wish. Here's how:

1. Choose a logo.

You may download an image from this Dropbox folder to use instead, and upload it to your site in the footer area.

We have several options to choose from, varying in color, size, and orientation. Please make sure you choose the correct category image for your site - Food, Home, Travel, Finance, or Parenting.

2. Update your footer

Here are instructions for our most popular website platforms:

  • WordPress

    • Genesis Framework

      • Open Genesis > Theme Settings > Genesis Custom Footer section

      • Add: <img src=”YOUR IMAGE LINK” style=”padding-top:20px;”/>

      • Save and refresh your page.

    • Non-Genesis Wordpress

      • Install Headers and Footers

      • Open Settings > Insert Headers and Footers

      • In the Footers script section, add:

        <img src=”YOUR IMAGE LINK” style=”padding-top:20px;”/>

  • Blogger

  • Squarespace

2. Email us! 

Once you have updated the footer, email us at publishers@mediavine.com and we will remove the automatic branding. (Doubled branding is no fun!) 

What if I don't want footer branding?

If you'd prefer to not include any branding in your footer, please email us at publishers@mediavine.com, and we'd be happy to turn it off for you.

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