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Self identifying & opting in to the Uplift marketplace connects publishers with advertisers dedicating spend to diversely-owned websites.

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Uplift is our commitment to being champions of change in places where equitable representations of marginalized communities are lacking. Through events, education and our programmatic marketplace, Mediavine’s goal is to put more dollars into the pockets of diverse creators to make the world a more equitable place.

Enabling and opting into Uplift is a simple, three-step process!

Enabling Uplift by Mediavine

1. In your Mediavine dashboard on the left, head to the Settings tab

2. Click “Uplift”

3. Fill out all applicable details and be sure to click “Save Settings”.

That's it!

Opting Out of Uplift

If you’d like to opt out of Uplift, it’s just as easy as enabling!

1. Head back to your Dashboard settings

2. Turn the toggle to “Disabled” and save. You’re opted out!


Q: What if I already filled out my influencer survey?

A: If you'd previously filled out an influencer survey in the Dashboard, you are automatically enrolled in Uplift. All you'll want to do is jump into the Uplift settings and ensure everything is filled out and accurate.

Q: Will this increase my revenue or RPM?

A: Because ad spend depends on what campaigns are running, how advertisers target your site, and more, we’re unable to guarantee any form of increase. That said, this can increase earning potential and there are a LOT of ad dollars available in this space.

Q: What happens to my information once I opt out?

A: Opting out of Uplift deletes any stored data that was entered through this portal.

Q: Will my RPM go down if I opt out?

A: Potentially. Opting out can result in a decline in revenue and RPM if there is an active campaign running on your site. It also reduces opportunities for additional spend in the future. As with any setting change, we recommend keeping an eye on your Dashboard metrics for a few days once opted out.

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