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Answers to frequently asked questions about Uplift by Mediavine

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What is Uplift?

Over the last several years, many advertisers have decided to set aside portions of their budget to spend with diverse publishers and their audiences. Uplift allows us to connect those advertisers directly to your site without sending them through what’s known as a bid exchange.

In a bid exchange, advertisers have to rely on some pretty broad criteria to reach audiences and these rules can sometimes cause great sites to go underrepresented.

Uplift helps us help advertisers put more revenue into your site because of the information publishers provide and allow us to share.

I can’t find the Uplift option in my Dashboard. Help!

In the left sidebar, click Settings. A new menu will open and Uplift should be there.

Did I do this right?

Probably! Many publishers had already provided some of this information with us, so whenever possible, we migrated those details into Uplift. If your toggle next to Uplift says “enabled,” you’re good to go.

What if I already filled out my influencer survey?

If you'd previously filled out an influencer survey in the Dashboard, you are automatically enrolled in Uplift. All you'll want to do is jump into the Uplift settings and ensure everything is filled out and accurate.

Will this increase my revenue or RPM?

Because ad spend depends on what campaigns are running, how advertisers target your site, and more, we’re unable to guarantee any form of increase. That said, this can increase earning potential and there are a LOT of ad dollars available in this space.

I can’t update my ethnicity. What do I do?

We’re working to make this field more clear. For now, if you currently have “Prefer Not To Answer” selected, click on it again in the drop down menu to de-select this option. Then, you can select your relevant ethnicity categories.

Why isn’t ____ an available category?

We know there are a lot of ways that people identify. The categories currently available are simply a starting point based on the information advertisers most commonly request. We’re always evaluating what additional information we may want to know about our publishers and will be adding to Uplift as the program evolves.

This is only for ______. Why wouldn’t you create a program that includes everyone?

When it comes to underrepresented and marginalized voices in the publishing industry, ad spend isn’t equitable. And the reasons for that are very often completely outside the control of the individual publisher. We’re working to change this, and Uplift is one way we’re striving for a better internet for everyone.

I identify as one of these categories but my content isn’t about that. Is Uplift for me?

Uplift is designed to increase the partnerships between advertisers and site owners, so if you identify as one of these categories, Uplift is for you — even if your content is not related to your identity. The goal of Uplift is to put more revenue into your pockets for the excellent content you’re creating.

I do not identify as one of these categories, but my content is about this topic. Is Uplift for me?

Uplift is specifically designed to increase the partnerships between advertisers and site owners, but occasionally, we do have opportunities come through where advertisers are trying to reach certain audiences, and one of the ways they do that is through placing ads in niches relevant to their efforts.

In the Uplift section of your Dashboard, you’ll find a section about your content. Enable Uplift and share the details about your niche and audience, and when the fit is right, we’ll be able to include your site in our campaigns.

What happens to my information once I opt out?

Opting out of Uplift deletes any stored data that was entered through this portal.

Will my RPM go down if I opt out?

Potentially. Opting out can result in a decline in revenue and RPM if there is an active campaign running on your site. It also reduces opportunities for additional spend in the future. As with any setting change, we recommend keeping an eye on your Dashboard metrics for a few days once opted out.

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