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Why We Don’t Recommend Manually Placing Ads
Why We Don’t Recommend Manually Placing Ads

Our ad tech is designed to maximize revenue by placing ads in optimal locations on your site.

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In almost all cases, it’s best to let our industry-leading ad tech dynamically place ads in the optimal locations for user experience and ad performance on your site. We are able to place ads manually, and certainly can for specific pages that have an atypical layout, but allowing our ad tech to dynamically place ads is usually the best solution.

Our script strategically places ads while keeping optimization in mind, and manually placed ads will typically not perform as well. The logic that our script uses to place ads is a big reason our ads consistently perform as well as they do. Our dynamic ad placement also accommodates all screen sizes including mobile, where responsive placements are essential. Most importantly, letting our script take care of placing ads ensures that you’ll be maximizing revenue while adhering to CBA standards.

With our script dynamically placing ads, you’ll also be able to adjust and fine-tune in-content ad placements in your PubNation dashboard.

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