Disable Ads on Specific Pages

How to use our customizable script to remove ads from a single post or page.

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Copy and paste an HTML code into your site to easily remove ads from a single post or page, which is helpful for sponsored posts and sales pages. 

You must copy and paste the code at the bottom of the Disable Ads page into your website. Simply running this tool does NOT remove ads. 

Remember that if you are hoping to make changes site wide, this is NOT the correct tool. If you would like to make adjustments, do so under Ad Settings or email us at publishers@mediavine.com for assistance. 

How to use this tool: 

1. In your settings area, click on the tab titled "Disable Ads."

2. Check the boxes for the ad unit(s) you would like disabled. 

This does not automatically disable ads. Please continue to Step 3 after you have made your selections.

  • Disable all ads — disables all ad units on the page

  • Leaderboard Ad horizontal ad located in the site header

  • Top Sidebar Ad — the sidebar above-the-fold unit

  • Sticky Sidebar Ad — the sidebar below-the-fold unit

  • In-Content Desktop Ads — ads within posts on desktop

  • In-Content Mobile Ads — ads within posts on mobile

  • Mobile Interstitial — a pop-up ad that appears full-screen on mobile

  • Mobile Adhesion — the ad in the bottom of the mobile browser

  • Tablet Adhesion — the ad in the bottom of the tablet browser

  • Desktop Adhesion — the ad in the bottom of the desktop browser

  • Recipe Ad — the ad within the recipe unit

  • Auto-Insert Sticky Video — the Featured Video

  • Universal Player Desktop — the pop-up sticky player for ads on desktop

  • Universal Player Mobile — the pop-up sticky player for ads on mobile

  • GumGum In-Image Ads — ads inside image frames

  • Chicory — optional ad within the recipe unit 

3. Set the date you would like the block to expire. 

The default time period is 60 days, which is the ideal time frame in our opinion when advertisers and brands will no longer check your site for ads. 

If you wish for the block to never expire, leave the field blank. 

Continue to Step 4 and Step 5 to complete the process. 

4. Copy & paste the code into your blog post. 

Once you've selected these items, copy the code generated at the bottom of the page (located in the gray box), and paste it directly into the source code using the HTML / code section of your editor on the page you want ads disabled. 

We suggest pasting it in the bottom of your blog post, but ads will be removed as long as this HTML code appears anywhere on the page. 

5. Save your blog post!

Important notes

  • DO NOT use this tool for site-wide changes. It can damage your ability to earn income.

  • You should only have one Disable Ads code per page. If you are updating settings, please remove the existing code, and replace it with a new code. 

  • You can also place this code inside widgets, template files, etc. As long as this HTML appears anywhere on page, your ads will be removed, but at the bottom of the post is the suggested placement. 

If you have any questions, email us anytime at publishers@mediavine.com. 

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