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Dual Edge Ads

Sticky Dual Edge ads that run along the left and right of the content, replacing the sticky sidebar ad.

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We now offer our Dual Edge ad units to Mediavine publishers. These are sticky ads that will display to the left and right of the content area on desktop windows.

Depending on the bidding, the ads can be 600px or 250px tall and up to 300px wide. They will stick to the screen and scroll with the content of the page.

This is what they look like:

If there is enough space in the window, two 300px wide ads will be displayed. If there is less room, one 300px wide ad will display. The ads need a minimum of 120px of room next to the content.

These are intended as an alternative to our sticky sidebar unit and could be a good fit for sites that don’t feature a sidebar at all.

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