See an ad you don't like? We have your back!

On almost every ad we serve, there is a button* that reads "Report this ad." You can click that to report the ad to us.

As one of our publishers, we ask that you please include a reason for the report when you are reporting an ad, and then click 'I'm a publisher at Mediavine'. 

This will push the report to the top of the queue so we can assist you quickly with all ads you report. 

We check these reports daily and do our best to get each ad blocked if it does not meet our guidelines. Learn more about our Ad Reporter.

*On the adhesion (footer) ads, reporting works a bit differently. You will need to grab a screenshot of the ad, and right click on the ad to grab the URL where the ad leads to. 

Email those details and the screenshot to, and we'll report it to the necessary ad partners.

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