For every year you are with Mediavine, your revenue share increases as our way of thanking you for being one of our valued publishers. We call this our loyalty bonus. We’re so happy to have you in our family! 

Your loyalty bonus is calculated as additional revenue share. Each publisher receives at least 75% of their earnings, while Mediavine keeps 25%. 

On March 7, 2018, we changed the process for issuing the loyalty bonus. Now, your bonus will be incorporated into your revenue share. All monies accrued for the 2017 and 2018 loyalty bonus were paid out to publishers as credits to their account on March 7, 2018. Your total Loyalty Bonus Credit will be displayed in the Credits section of the dashboard. 

Details of your MVP start date and bonus are available in your dashboard

Administrative Details:

  1. If you happen to leave and come back, your date you reactivate with us will reset your loyalty bonus start date, and your % resets too.
  2. If you happen to leave, you'll also forfeit the bonus. When you give notice to leave the extra % will no longer be earned after that date. All other earnings (because they are earnings, not a bonus), will be paid to you on the normal payment terms.  
  3. Each site has its own MVP Loyalty date. Even if you have three sites with us, each one's bonus percentage will increase on its individual anniversary.
  4. Loyalty bonus is added to your rev share daily. It'll be paid along with all of your other earnings, and will not be a separate payment.
  5. Loyalty bonus will only apply to earnings earned through advertisements and not through sponsored work and other credits.

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