Meet the exclusive, patent-pending Video Adhesion Unit by Mediavine, now available in beta on mobile! 

If enabled, a video of your choice from your Mediavine video gallery will play when a video ad wins the auction for the adhesion unit on both mobile and tablet. 

The unit looks like this example:

The background color is customizable when you set up the unit, and the fonts are selected based on the site's CSS stylesheets. 

The mobile and tablet adhesion units must both be enabled in order to run the video adhesion unit. The video defaults to those units if there’s not a high paying video ad or there’s an error with the video ad.

As of November 2017, this unit is in BETA. Performance will only improve and we have more features to add in the coming months. Please email with any feedback. 

To enable and customize the Mobile Video Adhesion Unit, follow these instructions:  

Please note: You must have a video uploaded to your Mediavine Gallery in order to enable the video adhesion unit. Please see this guide for help uploading a video. 

1. In your Mediavine dashboard, go to Settings > Video. 

2. Select a Featured Video you wish to feature from the dropdown list of the videos uploaded to your Mediavine video gallery. This video will play on all pages of your site when the unit runs. 

3. Check the box under the Mobile Video Adhesion section.

4. Choose a HEX color for your adhesion background color. e.g. #000000. (It will default to Mediavine teal if you do not change this to a color that matches your website.)

5. Click Save! You're done, and the unit will now run when an advertiser bids and wins that auction. 

Note: The video can be hyperlinked to a post on your site. Go to your video gallery and make sure the permalink field is filled out. For help with video settings, please see this help guide.

This unit is in beta, so if you notice a bug or have any feedback, please email

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