Meet our all-new Sticky Desktop Video Player unit, now in open beta! 

If enabled, the sticky player plays either an existing video in your post or, on posts without video, a video of your choice. Only available on desktop, the sticky player will stick with a user as they scroll to maximize viewability and advertising revenue. 

You must have videos in your Mediavine video gallery in order to enable the sticky desktop player. 

As of May 2018, this unit is in OPEN BETA. Performance will only improve and we have more features to add in the coming months. Please email with any feedback. 

Here's how to enable the Sticky Desktop Player.


1. Head to your Mediavine dashboard. Navigate to the Video tab.

2. Check one or both of the following boxes.

  • Auto-Upgrade Existing Video to Sticky
    On desktop posts containing a video, we will automatically move the video to the top of your post and enable autoplay and sticky mode.
  • Auto-Insert Sticky Featured Video
    On desktop posts without videos, this setting will auto-insert your featured video at the top of your post and automatically enable sticky and autoplay.

3. Additional Options

Beneath the boxes you will see options to swap the side the video sticks to, add a headline, as well as change the placement of an auto-inserted or upgraded video.

The default setting for the placement is at the top of the post. You can now set an "initial placement" that will let you push the video further down the post using various "offsets" ranging from small (towards the top) to extra large (very far down in the post).

4. Click Update Settings!

Congrats! The sticky desktop player should now play on your site! 


If you'd like to try the sticky desktop player on just one post, just follow these east steps:

  1. Generate a new video embed code. Be sure that you check the box for Sticky Player.
  2. Copy the new embed code from your video.
  3. Insert the video code into the blog post you'd like to run it on. Thanks to the new Scroll to Play feature, our recommendation is to place Sticky Videos right after the first screen view on desktop.


If an ad autoplays with sound, please report it to us by clicking the "Report this ad" button under the video player. Please make sure to check the box for "It plays sounds" and also include "MPN" + the name of the advertiser in the description of your report — this helps us identify the ad faster so we can work with our partners to get it blocked. Learn more about reporting ads.

This unit is in beta, so if you notice a bug or have any feedback, please email

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