Chicory is an optional third-party advertising unit for sites with recipe content. Sometimes Chicory includes native ad units within the recipe card called Chicory Premium Campaigns.

Brands buy ads through Chicory, and the ads are shown on recipes that contain a targeted ingredient. Unless a publisher opts out, Chicory will automatically detect the targeted ingredient and place the ad on their site for the duration of the campaign. For example, Land O'Lakes might buy an ad that will appear any time a recipe calls for butter or margarine. 

Current ad campaigns from Chicory:

  • California Walnuts: targeting walnuts (until 8/31/19) 
  • Stevia in the Raw: targeting smoothies, coffee, hibiscus (1/2/19 - 2/28/19)
  • Perdue: targeting chicken, meats (1/3/19 - 3/31/19)
  • Feed Feed: targeting tomato products, sauce, diced (2/2/19 - 2/28/19)
  • Better Body Foods: targeting palm sugar, peanut butter, chia seeds, superfood, coconut flour (2/2/19 - 2/28/19)

How to opt out of a Chicory Premium campaign: 

Chicory offers a variety of opt out options.

If you would like to remove Chicory from a specific post, please send an email to, including the post URL, or let them know when to look out for your upcoming sponsored post so that they can disable Chicory when your content goes live. (You can also use the Disable Ads tool in your Mediavine dashboard.)

If you need to opt out of an entire campaign, Chicory can update your preferences on their end. This option is best if you need to opt out of advertisements based on the brand being promoted. To opt out, you can reply directly to the Chicory campaign announcement email, which are sent the same week that new a campaign goes live. If you can not locate the email or you see a campaign running on your site you need to opt out of, email, making sure to include the brand name or campaign in the email.

If your opt out is in regards to a dietary restriction, Chicory can update your campaign tag preferences on their end. This will allow them to select tags for ingredients or products that you would like to exclude from running on your site. Campaign tags denote ingredient categories such as meat or dairy. Chicory offers these options so that if you’re a vegan food blogger, you never need to worry about opting out of a milk or chicken ad campaign, etc.

Example of a Chicory Premium ad: 

Don't hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions!

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