So there’s generally two major ways you can run ads - synchronous or asynchronously. That little “a” makes a big difference. Synchronously are how traditional ads are run - they stop the entire page from loading as the advertisement loads. They’re the reason most sites are slow and can take up to 20 seconds to fully load! This is also the default that most ad networks run. 

Heck, even big sites like TMZ run this way. Just check out their site speed. We’ve seen bloggers running with other ad managers be as slow as 50 seconds load time!  We’re here to help you fix that.

Asynchronously means that the ads load at the same time as the the rest of the site. That means your full page can load - images, etc included at the same time as the ads. We use this for our sites. Just check out the site speed of Food Fanatic. Nearly 4-5 times faster on some of those page views.

So why would anyone run synchronously?? The reason they do it is ad performance. If an ad loads synchronously, it has to load before a user can scroll past it. That means higher viewability and chances for a click, so a higher click-thru rate. It pays more, but it completely destroys a site from both a user experience and search engine ranking. 

It’s also a lot easier. Setting an advertisement to asynchronously means you need to focus on the rest of the page’s speed. If anything else is loaded synchronously it could load before your advertisements, making the ads load after the page instead of at the same time.

We decided to take the harder, more correct path here - asynchronous. It’s going to lead to happier users and more traffic for everyone. But it also means, we’re going to need to work with you a little closer to make sure your site is optimized to be able to run ads asynchronously. 

Don’t worry, we’ll work with your tech people or even do it ourselves if you provide us with admin access. It just means, you may want to consult with us before you install a Wordpress plugin or a new third party javascript. We won’t stop you from doing it, we just want to check performance and make sure everything’s still good once it’s in place.

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