Where is the autoplay option?

In May 2017, we removed the autoplay option from our video player.

Our blog post explains why more in depth, but in short it was our way of encouraging a better user experience for the reader, advertiser and publisher. 

2018 is the Year of Video

In 2018 we figured out a way to keep user experience AND earnings high. Our Sticky Video Player will let your videos auto-play while staying ad policy compliant AND paying high CPM's

It's great for earnings and for your readers. 

I used to have autoplay videos embedded. Do they still work? 

Only if the embed code is placed above the fold. If you want to be certain that your auto-play embeds are actually auto-playing (and staying compliant!) you can just choose the Auto Upgrade Existing Video to Sticky option in your Mediavine dashboard video settings.

Where should I place my videos?

We recommend placing the video closest to the "focus" of the blog post, such as above the recipe card or at the end of a post.

MORE: How to use the Mediavine video player

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