Meet our all-new Video Adhesion unit, now in beta! 

Learn how to enable it.

Why can't I see the video adhesion unit on my site? 

The video adhesion unit is only for mobile and tablet. We don't have a similar unit for desktop at this time.  

If you want to test it on your mobile device, you can add ?test=video_adhesion to the end of your URL. For example, if you are testing your homepage, you would test

Why does the video play without audio? 

This is totally normal behavior. We follow the Coalition for Better Ads' Initial Better Ad Standards for all our ads, which means we have eliminated all obnoxious ad types.
The video adhesion unit was designed with CBA policies in mind.

In addition, user experience is tantamount to us — mobile phone users would surf away immediately if the video started playing with sound, so the video adhesion unit will never feature sound with video. 

How often should I update my videos? 

Interestingly, the video content itself won't matter that much to buyers. Buyers are buying off a variety of factors on your site, but what is most important to them is how many people are watching the pre-roll portion of the ad and how it is performing (viewability, completion rate, etc.). These are all things the video adhesion is optimized for, so over time it will do very well. Advertisers track most of this off your domain and not the individual video itself. 

Think of the video portion for your user and run the most relevant video you think they want to watch and don't worry about the advertiser. Switching out the video every week definitely won't hurt, though! 

What kinds of CPMs are people seeing on the video adhesion unit?

The video adhesion unit is averaging about a $13.50 CPM across all sites right now. Some sites are higher and some are lower, same with fill rate, or the number of video adhesion ads you're seeing versus regular mobile/tablet adhesion. Both fill rate and CPMs should improve as we add more ad exchanges to the auction and set up more direct deals with buyers.

Any advice on writing the video description to make it appealing to advertisers?

That description is mostly there for our click-to-play player, or the traditional player you grab embed code from our site and put on your player. That's for SEO for your site (we send that to Googlebot using JSON+LD) and not as much for advertisers.

When uploading a video, can I add a permalink to an article that doesn’t actually host the video in question? 

Yes, you can. We just need the URL that is relevant to the content that's in the video

What features are coming? 

Lots! The goal in the next few months is to add playlist support, so users will experience a different video each page they visit, and if they're on one page long enough, get multiple videos.

It is also in the works to have an option for users to click on the video and go to the page that it's associated with. Be sure you are setting a permalink in the video settings of each file you upload! 

There is a lot we can do with this unit and we look forward to bringing you more features in the coming months! 

This unit is in beta, so if you notice a bug or have any feedback, please

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