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CBA In-Content Logic

The Coalition for Better Ads has established ad standards that make the internet a better place! Mediavine is a proud member of the CBA.

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The Coalition for Better Ads is being adopted by many major players in the ad industry, and Mediavine is leading the charge by ensuring our in-content ads abide by these standards.

With this industry-leading in-content logic, we intelligently space your in-content ads to ensure we are always within the CBA guidelines. These state that ad content can not be more than 30% of the total page height. 

The CBA In-Content Logic works by measuring the entire length of your content, and then only placing enough ads inside to fill the % of the total content you have chosen for your site's ad density. The logic will then space them through the post with a minimum of 2 paragraphs between ads. 

If you choose to customize the settings of your in-content ads, please be aware that any changes can have large impacts on your in-content ad performance and your RPM. It is VERY IMPORTANT to monitor your in-content Site Health Checks in the week or so following a change.

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