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How to adjust the order of your video playlist
How to adjust the order of your video playlist

Do you want to customize the order of your UpNext playlist? Here is everything you need to know!

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When you upload multiple videos to your dashboard, they will automatically play in a playlist format with a pre-roll ad between them. By default, all videos will play in order of most impressions, but you can "boost" any video to the front of the line or exclude it from the playlist altogether.

How To Adjust Priority for Videos

In the video section of the dashboard, just select the video(s) you'd like to boost or exclude. Then select your desired priority in the Change Priority dropdown menu.

You can also select priority from the video detail screen:

Priority Levels

  • Standard Priority - Videos play from most impressions to least.

  • Boosted Priority - Boosted videos will play before standard priority videos. If multiple videos have Boosted Priority, the ones with the highest impressions will play first.

  • Excluded - Excluded videos will not play in the playlist, but will still play on any post in which they are embedded. This is great for seasonal videos that are only popular at certain times of the year.

* Pro Tip:

You can improve video performance by boosting videos under 2 minutes. Shorter videos will monetize better, so pushing them to the front of the line can improve RPM. It's also a good idea to exclude any video over about 4 minutes from the site-wide playlist.

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