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Optimize for Pagespeed Settings
Optimize for Pagespeed Settings

Enable the Optimize for Pagespeed settings and create a faster site and a better user experience.

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In our quest to always offer the fastest ads available, and put the controls in your hands so you can decide what to prioritize, we created a feature that allows you to optimize your ads for Mobile and Desktop Pagespeed.

Optimize Ads for Pagespeed settings are enabled on all new Mediavine sites as a default. You can locate these settings by navigating to the Ad Settings tab in your Mediavine dashboard in the Optimize for Core Web Vitals section.

Optimize for Pagespeed helps speed up your site in three different ways.

1. It removes all ads from the first screen view

Your content loads FIRST and no ads will load until the reader begins to scroll down the page.
โ€‹Important Notes
- If you are running a leaderboard ad (which we don't recommend! Learn why), it will not serve with the optimize for desktop setting enabled.
- If your first sidebar ad is in the first screenview, it will not serve until the reader begins to scroll.
- The adhesion ads on desktop and mobile will not load until the reader scrolls.

2. Lazy Loads all ads

We already lazy load ads, but this feature turns on a supercharged lazy loading.

3. Deferring ad tech

This feature will defer the entirety of Mediavine's ad tech until the content has a full chance to load and the page becomes interactive.

What are the results?

If you have a well-optimized site already, but were still struggling to increase those scores due to ad-related items, you'll now have near-perfect mobile and desktop speed results on Google Pagespeed Insights,, and GTmetrix.

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