What is an adhesion ad?

An adhesion ad is one that sticks to the foot of your browser window as a reader browses your site. 

Desktop Adhesion Example

Mobile Adhesion Example

Outstream Mobile Example

Why does Mediavine recommend Adhesion Ads?

Adhesion units stay with the reader as they scroll through your site. This makes them highly viewable. The more viewable an ad unit, the more lucrative it becomes. 

High Viewability = High CPMs

Adhesion ads also not intrusive to the reader's experience, making them ideal when you are looking for that good balance between earnings and UX.

How do I enable Adhesion Ads?

Adhesion Ads are enabled on mobile, tablet, and desktop by default. You can find the settings in your dashboard > ⚙️ Settings > Ad Settings.

You can also adjust the background color of your Adhesion Ads. We offer light and dark options so you can select whichever fits best with your theme.

What else do I need to know?

Sharing Buttons

Make sure that if you run floating sharing buttons, like SumoMe, on mobile, tablet or desktop, that these sit somewhere other than the foot of your site. Having these cover the ad can violate ad policy, and cause trouble for you with the ad exchanges. 

Reporting Ads

Reporting adhesion ads works a bit differently than the rest our ad units. You will need to grab a screenshot of the ad, and right click on the ad to grab the URL where the ad leads to. 

Email those details and the screenshot to publishers@mediavine.com, and we'll report it to the necessary ad partners.

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