What does Mediavine need to know?

Mediavine requires written notice, as stipulated in your contract, and ads need to remain in place for 30 days from that notice. If the ads do not remain in place for 30 days, you may forfeit any unpaid earnings.

IMPORTANT!! Google approvals are tied to the site owner, not the site. Making sure that you provide us with adequate notice as well as a firm date that you intend for the site to change hands will let us make sure that all of the necessary approvals are in place so that there’s no lapse in spend or earnings.

What if the new owner wants to use Mediavine Ad Management?

We’d love to help! If the new owner of your site would like to work with Mediavine they can simply fill out this application. Make sure to indicate in this field that you are applying for an existing Mediavine site that you have purchased.

Approvals are not guaranteed; every site will be evaluated independently based on the same rigorous criteria we use to vet every site that applies to Mediavine.

Mediavine still requires written notice by you, per your contract, and ads need to remain in place for 30 days from that notice.


DO NOT SHARE YOUR DASHBOARD LOGIN INFORMATION UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Your dashboard includes information about your bank account as well as your tax information in the payment portal. You should NEVER share your login.

Per your contract, a new owner is prohibited from taking over your existing dashboard. They need new partner approvals, a new contract, and a new dashboard to be a Mediavine publisher. Transferring the site in a sale without alerting Mediavine is also prohibited.

A new owner using your existing partner approvals could negatively impact any future monetization endeavors you pursue on any other site you might have in the future, so it’s important that each owner has their own approvals.

Will I still be able to see my dashboard data?

Once your site is sold, the dashboard is deactivated at the end of the 30 day notice period. This leaves you with limited access to the dashboard’s information, so our advice is to be sure you export the details you need ahead of time.

Each section of the dashboard has an export option, and the details are based on the date range you set:

Questions? Please reach out to us at publishers@mediavine.com so we can help!

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