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3/30/30 - 4/10/20

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Monday, March 30

Facebook LIVE

Jenny hosted a special edition “State of the Vine” Facebook Live with Mediavine CEO and co-founder, Eric Hochberger, to tell us all of the latest and not-so-greatest on Covid-19 as it relates to advertising aptly titled, “Blogging is not dead”.

There is a bunch of awesome information included there, so if you have some free time or need something to listen to while writing that newest post, click on over and give it a listen, and read on for the recap below.

Blogging is Not Dead – tl;dr

  • Spend is down across the entire ad industry by about 33%.

  • Q2 is likely to be kind of sad due to the events unfolding around the world.

  • CPM and Fill Rate are impacted most, and that leads to RPM reductions.

  • Our ad tech team is ON THE CASE. We are making adjustments and improvements to lessen the impact on the industry changes for Mediavine pubs. You’re in the best possible hands, here at Mediavine!

  • Overall traffic is not down. This is impacting certain niches more than others. Send some links towards your friends in the travel blogging industry, especially!

  • Keep posting new content if you are able to!

Here's the help page with all of the most recent updates as it relates to Mediavine & Covid-19 too.


We also published a post by Steve Marsi, Mediavine co-founder that you’ll definitely want to check out if you’ve ever wondered who Comscore is and why we care about them. You can read the What is Comscore post here, and read on for the recap.

What is Comscore – tl;dr

  • Comscore is a third-party tool for “accurately measuring audiences in an increasingly cross-platform world.”

  • Comscore is a key metric for advertisers determining their budgets.

  • Properties (websites) that have been verified by Comscore have been vetted and represent the audiences that brands are looking for.

  • Mediavine’s Comscore is an aggregate ranking of all the sites under our umbrella, making us the 22nd largest web property in the world.

  • Comscore tracks 100 different website categories, and Mediavine publishers mostly fit within 5 specializations.

  • When signing up with Mediavine publishers sign a Traffic Assignment Letter, which allows sites to be included in the aggregate, leading to higher Comscore rankings and better ad opportunities as a trusted web company.

Some of you may be getting invites this week to sign an eTAL. If you do, it is because we don't have a current one on file for you. Thanks for completing that ASAP!

Tuesday, March 31st

Tuesday was a busy day on the blog! There were two posts published, and they are big ones. In the first, Eric tells us how to do proper keyword research, and in the second Steve is detailing the latest news from the IAB on Covid-19 Advertising Impacts.

See the Keyword Research blog post by Eric Hochberger, and learn:

  • What is keyword research?

  • How to choose a keyword

  • What tools to use from both the paid and free worlds

  • What factors to weigh when choosing your keyword

  • Why “Volume” doesn’t tell the whole story

  • And how to use these tools to also plan out your future content, all at the same time.

You’ll also want to check out the PDFs we added to our Cornerstone Content page! They make mapping your cornerstones a breeze.

Thursday, April 2nd

Thursday I published my post on DCMAs, and why I think that they are mostly not a thing we should be spending a ton of time on.

There was also an amazing Teal Talk on Surviving Quarantine with Kids featuring Amiryah Martin and Sarah Punkoney. Give it a watch and find out how to help your kids stay focused in a house full of distractions, the best resources to help, what the difference is between ‘homeschooling’ and the ‘crisis schooling’, and much more. Here's the Youtube version if you are interested.

Friday, April 3rd

Friday we published our best tips for working at home from our very own Mediavine team. We’ve been doing this remote work thing from the beginning. Find out how!

Monday, April 6th

Monday this week brought us another post in the SEO like a CEO series, this time all about STOP WORDS. Read the post to find out all about:

  • What are stop words, anyway?

  • Should you edit them OUT of old post titles, meta descriptions, and urls?

  • How long should your urls be?

  • Is this a thing to stress out about?

  • Is Google smart enough to understand and properly parse stop words?

Bottom line? Creating well-written, great content for your audience is the top priority and is far more important than an illegible page title composed of sentence fragments just to avoid using stop words.

Tuesday, April 7th

We launched the Mediavine PSAs for Covid-19! Check out our help guide for instructions for enabling this optional PSA and donate your unsold ad impressions to this cause.

Thursday, April 9th

Today’s blog post is from yours truly and is all about whether or not you should monetize your site with ads, and when.

Friday, April 10th

Did you know that the Mediavine crew has ALL THE PETS? If you want to see pictures of some of the animals that hang with us while we are busy writing code or answering emails or facebook living it up, check out The Pets of Mediavine post!

Honorable mention thrown out to my own pooch, Sadie, and to Jacob's two dogs whose owners don't love them enough to submit their photos to the blog team in time for fun Pets Posts. :D (just kidding)

​New on Mediavine’s YouTube!

In this session from our conference in Austin, Tiffany Romero of Sway Group spoke about growing your business. It can be hard to know what to do when you’re going one million miles and hour and giving it all you’ve got.

Tiffany took her business from a handful of independent contractors to 30+ employees. She says it's been a journey of two steps forward, one step back with lots of “learning opportunities." In this video, she discusses and answers some of the top questions on how to scale your business:

  • What are your goals?

  • When and who to hire staff?

  • Should you bring in capital?

  • Do you need partners?

  • Do you need office space?

  • How do you push through the hard times?

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