On 11/18/20 we released an update to the Mediavine Control Panel plugin in version 2.5.0 that comes with a new feature that allows you to automatically insert Mediavine Videos or Mediavine Video Playlists onto every post assigned to a category!

To access, please navigate to your Posts > Categories menu in WordPress, and click to edit the category in question. Scroll down, and you'll see this box:

You can select an individual video, a Video Playlist, or the Up Next playlist as the Featured Video or Playlist.

That video will then be automatically inserted onto all of the posts assigned to that category that do NOT already have a Mediavine video manually embedded in the post.

This video will NOT have schema associated with it, since it is automatically inserted. If you'd like the SEO benefit of video schema, you should embed a post-specific video into the post.

For more information about Mediavine Video, you can find all of our Video Help Guides here.

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