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How to Fill Out Video Details to Improve SEO and RPM
How to Fill Out Video Details to Improve SEO and RPM

With most things it's all in the details and video is no different! Learn which fields matter and how to make the most of them!

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Ready to increase CPMs and Impressions? Of course you are! This article is part of our Sweet Land of Money Series. Journey through our top tips and tricks on how to increase earnings.

The topic of Video Details was so near and dear to our hearts that we actually have a blog post AND a video! It's also a pro tip that is often overlooked.

The details you input for each and every video can impact SEO and RPM. Whether you are growing your traffic or your earnings, or in this case, the goal is both, filling in your video details can help you boost your RPM to the next level.

Remember that with each tip we offer on how to increase earnings, we are simply working on both sides of this equation:


Inputting video details lets us send as much information as possible to advertisers so that they understand more about your video content. Advertisers are looking mostly at whether or not your content is brand safe, but be sure to give them keywords to go on.

Head to your Mediavine Dashboard > Videos.

You can start with the Top Videos breakdown in your dashboard and begin your audit with the video that has the most views.

Open up the first video you want to edit

Here are the details you want to adjust or account for, as well as the things they impact:

  • Title (SEO, Revenue, and User Experience)

Each video you upload to Mediavine should have a unique name, much like a blog post title.

  • Description (SEO)

This is one of Google's required fields in Google's properties for video.

Similar to a meta description for your post. we recommend 1-2 sentences, using any keywords you can to describe your video.

  • Permalink (Revenue and User Experience)

This is actually the second most important field, after the title.
On every video you upload to the Mediavine dashboard, set this to the URL of a post running the video.

  • Keywords (Revenue)

$$$ Keywords are currently used for advertising only. $$$
Because the advertiser is the target here, make sure you’re specifying keywords a brand would be most interested in, and on the flip side, never use a non brand-safe word.

Think of generic words that advertisers would want to target — things like “cocktails,” “grilling, “bbq” or “back to school.”

  • Video Thumbnail (SEO and User Experience)

With each video you upload, we automatically pick a “thumbnail,” or still image from your video for you. This is going to be used throughout the user experience and is essential for SEO.

You have the option to upload a custom thumbnail to override the one we automatically choose, which we recommend. Make sure it’s both relevant and high-resolution.

For SEO, we’re going to be marking this up as part of your As part of Google’s specs, we will be sending it in various aspect ratios — 16:9, 4:3 and 1:1.

We had a few questions about the Video Headline and whether or not it has any impact, and the answer is no. Video Headlines were a user-requested feature that can help your videos stand out a little more within your blog post. They look great! But will not impact earnings or SEO in any way.

It's important to remember that this one tip alone is not going to make an immediate or HUGE difference. This is one of those things that will let you see incremental growth, and every step along the path to Sweet Money counts!

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