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There are effectively two paths you can take with Mediavine Video:

You either already have videos already, or you do not.

Currently, whether you have your own videos or not, our best recommendation for increasing video revenue is to ENABLE THE UNIVERSAL PLAYER!

Learn how to set up the Universal Player HERE.

Now let's look at the options you have with your own videos.

If you already have videos for your content, you are ahead of the game! 🍫

Videos do not have to be fancy or highly produced. They just need to be helpful to your readers, and they have to be YOURS.

Video content that you already have handy might include:

  • Videos from your YouTube channel

  • Videos you created for Instagram

  • Videos you created for Facebook

  • Videos you created as part of a tutorial

If you do not have any video added to your Mediavine library, but you do have video content, stop what you are doing and UPLOAD THOSE VIDEOS NOW! 💵

Once you have videos uploaded, here's a quick cheat sheet for the recommended settings:

Don't forget to save!


Embed your videos. The Recommended Settings will help you to take your time with it; having the Universal Player designated means that you can earn video CPMs site-wide on autopilot.

Embedded, post-specific videos recommended better for SEO, so that's an important step. If you have a recipe or how-to card, the video embed should go in the card, not the content.


The Universal Video Player is a small, sticky player that doesn’t require any uploaded video content. It plays short video “commercials” in mute mode as the reader scrolls.

It's a great option for everyone, even if you DO have video already!

If you have video content and want to see how the UVP can increase your earnings, you can read more about this video option here!

If you don't have video content currently, turn the Universal Player on for Desktop and Mobile right now!

You can see our recommended settings for the best performance of the Universal Player in the screenshot below (these recommendations apply to ALL publishers, no matter if you have video content or not).

Our goal here is to help you find the best video set up for your site and your audience so that you can check the "Add Video" spot of the Sweet Land of Money list. Need help? Just email us at

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