Increase Your Earnings with Video

Mediavine's recommended video set up increases impressions AND CPM for the best user experience and the most revenue and RPM.

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Ready to increase CPMs and Impressions? Of course you are! This article is part of our Sweet Land of Money Series. Journey through our top tips and tricks on how to increase earnings.

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Here's how to make the most with video at Mediavine.

Currently, whether you have your own videos or not, our best recommendation for increasing video revenue is to ENABLE THE UNIVERSAL PLAYER!

Now let's look at the options you have with your own videos.

If you already have videos for your content, you are ahead of the game! 🍫

Embedded videos that your reader can click-to-play will add even more to your bottom line.

Readers that click-to-play your videos are highly engaged, so the CPMs are even higher, and because the reader WANTS to watch your video content, they are guaranteed to view the entire ad that serves.

Videos should be helpful to your readers, and they have to be YOURS.

Video content that you already have handy might include:

  • Videos from your YouTube channel

  • Videos you created for Instagram

  • Videos you created for Facebook

  • Videos you created as part of a tutorial

If you do not have any video added to your Mediavine library, but you do have video content, UPLOAD THOSE VIDEOS NOW!


Embed your videos.

➡️ If you have a recipe or how-to card, the video embed should go in the card, not the content. ⬅️

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