If you need to know more about what the Universal Player is, you should read this article. If you just need a quick cheat sheet on how to set it up you are in the right spot.

You can find the option to enable in your Mediavine Dashboard > Settings > Video.

NOTE: If you're running the Outstream Mobile Adhesion Video, you'll need to also disable that in Settings > Ad Settings > Adhesion Units

***We have not recommended the Outstream Mobile Adhesion since June 2021! It will likely be deprecated in the coming year (2023)***

🌅 Effective February 2023 we are officially sunsetting the Autoplay Video features. 🌅

The autoplay settings play your embedded videos as the reader scrolls.

Autoplay instream video defaults to playing without sound, which according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB; the organization that develops industry standards) actually requires that we classify them as outstream.

  • Instream Video = Video ads that play before or during video content

  • Outstream Video = Video ads served outside a traditional video player


Autoplayed instream video is not a good user experience. Most readers look to close out an autoplay instream player before the ad even finishes playing, which means that they never see your actual video content.

Mediavine's approach to video removes the poor reader experience, increases video impressions (the Universal Player averages 2-4 times as many impressions as the autoplayed instream player!), AND makes your embedded click-to-play videos more valuable.

  • Increase the time readers spend on your page

  • Increased impressions

  • Increased ad revenue for you


Scroll down to the Advanced Settings and you'll see a drop down menu for the Mobile Sticky Player Location.

Select "Bottom Left" which puts the Universal Player is out of the way. It won't interrupt user experience, and this placement is part of the reason the Universal Player generates so many impressions per session.

🌅 Effective February 2023 we are officially sunsetting Featured Video. 🌅

Set Featured Video to 🚫 None.

Here's why.

The intention behind the Featured Video setting was always revenue-focused. The point was to serve a high-CPM video ad to every reader.

But here's the thing: Readers don't watch autoplay instream videos, and in fact, because so many readers look for ways to immediately disable those ads, they tend to yield fewer than 1 impression per session!

That means that with Featured Videos, most readers were never really seeing your actual video content because it plays after the ad.

Without Featured Video, the Universal Player is doing the work of serving a high-CPM ad to every reader, but it's in a player that is 10px smaller and is out of the way.
The Universal Player averages 2-4 impressions per session! That makes a huge difference for your readers experience, but also for your wallet!

Don't forget to save your settings!

After you've made these recommended changes, remember to save! And always monitor things over a few weeks.


RPM is a great overview, but it is not going to be solely indicative of the ultimate success or failure of these adjustments, especially not in a short period of time.

Need help? Support is just an email away at publishers@mediavine.com.

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