If you need to know more about what the Universal Player is, you should read this article. If you just need a quick cheat sheet on how to set it up you are in the right spot.

You can find the option to enable in your Mediavine Dashboard > Settings > Video.

NOTE: If you're running the Outstream Mobile Adhesion Video, you'll need to also disable that in Settings > Ad Settings > Adhesion Units

This is the setting that will autoplay your embedded videos as the reader scrolls.

We've been encouraging you to turn on autoplay for such a long time that this may come as a surprise but ... to find the best success with the Universal Player we recommend you TRY TURNING IT OFF.

The Universal Player won't populate on posts with autoplay video. If you have embedded videos, they will still be there, but they'll be click-to-play; it's the best of both worlds because you're still providing that video content for your readers if they want it, but you're also boosting earnings for the Universal Player.

The mileage here may vary based on just how many post-specific videos you have on your site, so this is one of those recommendations that is not one-size-fits-all, but choosing this option tends to generate more impressions.

Your post-specific video is still there in click-to-play form for anyone that wants to watch it, and the schema is still there for Google, so if you have a great process for making video that is specific to your content, we still definitely encourage that.

Turning both Autoplay settings OFF generates more overall impressions in most of our tests.

More impressions, high CPMs, better user experience.


Scroll down to the Advanced Settings and you'll see a drop down menu for the Mobile Sticky Player Location. Whatever you choose here will apply to any videos that play on mobile, as well as any Universal Player impressions you serve.

The "Bottom Left" means that the Universal Player is out of the way, it doesn't interrupt user experience, and is part of the reason the Universal Player generates so many impressions per session.

You have a couple of options with Featured Video.

Since Autoplay Mobile is off, what you choose for Featured Video will only apply to your desktop video. The options are either:

➡ Up Next Playlist OR

➡ None

Don't forget to save your settings!

And always monitor things over a few weeks.


RPM is a great overview, but it is not going to be solely indicative of the ultimate success or failure of these adjustments, especially not in a short period of time.

Need help? Support is just an email away at publishers@mediavine.com.

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